A look at the most memorable day.

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One of our main services is weddings! We absolutely love our beautiful couples and celebrating with them in their upcoming marriages. We offer planning, coordinating, decorating, set up and tear down. We also include paper goods; save the dates, invitations with pre-addressed envelopes, thank you cards, programs, and much more.

We usually start with a consultation. This is when we sit down and I hear all about your ideas, you show me your Pinterest boards, and we dream about the vision of your big day. This is also when we talk about our contract and go over expectations and hopefully figure out what plan works best for you!

You can choose to just hire us for invitations or coordinating, but we can also take on the entire event from save the dates to tear down.

Once we are hired on, we jump right in. We walk with you on each decision and make sure all your boxes are checked off that to do list. We visit your venue and start designing your event layout.



We create a color coded layout for our IH staff to keep everyone involved on the same page and focused on their color zones for efficiency.

If we are just coordinating the wedding we do the same for your volunteers. We also provide you with profiles so that we can place them in a thriving environment for their skill set. 


As we continue on this planning journey we start narrowing down your ideas, down to the tiniest details. If there are any DIY projects, we take car of those for you too, that way it's one less thing for you to worry about.

As we approach your day, we make sure we have all of our i's dotted and our t's crossed on the design, decor items, timeline, and layout. Our goal is to make you feel like you have cloned your brain into ours so that everything is the way you have envisioned. 


Depending on if your wedding venues allows day before set up, we will start the load in process and get started on our tasks. If we do not get the day before the same will happen the day of the event at the earliest time allowed. We load in, decorate, and double check all areas. We allow our bride to do a walk through and then we wait for the guests to arrive.



At this point our work is only halfway finished! You all will walk down the aisle, say your I do's, smooch, cheer, then eat, dance, and toast! Once you all say your final goodbyes, we start the tear down process. We organize all of your items in bins and boxes, then load them all up after a good clean has been done. We check all our boxes and bid our last farewells to the most memorable day of your lives. 



It's so much work, but carefully planned and executed with the utmost care and detail. Our goal is to allow you to have a stress free wedding with confidence and trust in our team, which allows you to focus completely on the true importance of your day, getting married! 



Thank you for your time & support,