3 Ways to Place Your Bridal Party

Ladies, if you’re engaged, think about your bridal party.  How many bridesmaids/groomsmen do you have?  Have you considered how to place them during the ceremony?  If your wedding is still a long way off, you probably haven’t given it much thought (and we don’t blame you).  Chances are, you may not have even considered all your options.  For a little inspiration, we’ve got some ideas/tips to help you think through what’s best for you! 

Traditional Placement

It seems that most brides, even today, tend to go with the standard bridesmaids-on-one-side, groomsmen-on-the-other lineup.  This certainly is a great option if you’re going for the simple, clean look.  This placement also compliments more traditional styled weddings nicely!  One thing to consider with the traditional placement is the size of your bridal party.  Picture-wise, the divided lineup will look best with small to medium sized parties that have an equal number of guys to girls.  Aesthetically, this will keep your ceremony looking balanced and have the attention naturally drawn towards you and your groom in the center!

Couples Placement

A second option for your bridal party is to have them stand in couplings, rather than having the bridesmaids and groomsmen divided.  This lineup still allows for 2 clean bridal party lines, but it adds a unique feel to it.    Another option with doing couples is to have the ladies sit in chairs or on stools with the guys standing behind them.  Even if you are set on having your maid of honor to your right and the best man on the groom’s left, you can simply have them walk separately and paired with someone else, or even standing as individuals!  This way they can still be set apart without the gender division. 

Group Placement

This option has recently become more popular, as weddings have begun to stray from traditional in style.  The idea of having groups clustered together on each side allows for the bridal party to all feel like one giant family – a community surrounding both you and your groom.  This set-up works especially great for larger bridal parties or parties with a different number of bridesmaids to groomsmen.  Additionally, having groups may eliminate the awkwardness of having a bridesman or groomslady.  Rather than having the one man on the all female side or vise versa, everyone will be casually and comfortably mixed together!  Aesthetically, you may even want to include chairs for the front row of each group in order to create levels and balance on each side.  

The biggest thing to remember is that every wedding is completely different.  Your day will be 100% unique to you, so always choose what you feel most comfortable doing.  Never feel pressured to go with what everyone else is doing, or what people may be expecting you to do.  What is most consistent with the overall feel of your wedding?  Which set-up works best for your bridal party?  These are only just a few ideas, but we hope they have sparked some inspiration!