A Bride's Guide to Photography: Asking Questions

Hello loves, and welcome back to Part 3 of our blog series, A Bride’s Guide to Photography!  For the last couple weeks, we’ve talked about the value in investing in a wedding photographer, as well as some photography style basics to help you find what you want!  Be sure to check back at Part 1 and Part 2 for the full scoop!  This week, with a huge help once again from photographer Alex Thornton, we’ve come up with a basic, yet great list of questions brides should be asking their photographers! 

It’s important to establish good communication between you and all of your vendors, but especially your photographer.  Any bride is going to have expectations for how she envisions her day, but without communication, those expectations may be uninformed expectations – a breeding ground for disappointment. As we talked about last week, if you’re unsure of your photographer’s methods or style, always ask!  Have those questions answered before the day, or even week of your wedding, so you may be confident in knowing what to expect!  In addition, here are some other great questions to keep in mind for consults:

When should I expect to receive the images?

Your photographer’s contract should outline a timeline for when to expect your images, but always make sure you are aware of the waiting time!  It’s easy to grow impatient, but know that photographing the wedding day is just the start of how the photographer works to tell your story! After your wedding, they take the time needed to go through thousands of images, pick out the very best, and prepare those images for delivery. 

How many images should I expect to receive?

Many brides are uneducated of “culling” – the process of sifting through the good, the bad, and the duplicates to create the perfect gallery for a client.  Thus, the amount of pictures you hear the photographer snapping that day will not equate to the amount you see.  Part of their job is providing you with the best of the best – the images that perfectly portray your day and represent their best work! So always ask beforehand how many images your photographer typically yields for a similar booking as yours! 

How do you handle conflict?

This may seem like an intimidating question, but it’s a good one to throw out there.  Consider your Uncle Bob who can get camera happy and begin snapping away, standing right in the professional’s way.  It’s important that your photographer is willing to handle this appropriately, perhaps even being the “bad guy” from time to time so you don’t have to!

May I see a full wedding gallery?

Often times, brides are concerned that their photographer will miss certain "must have" shots.  Instead of typing out an excessive list of shots you would like them to capture, ask to see a full wedding gallery instead!  If the images you're hoping for are there, you can rest assured they will look for those same moments on your day. Unless your photographer is extremely new to the profession, they will know to capture most of those "must haves", such as your mom or maid of honor helping you get ready, the groom seeing you for the first time, cutting the cake, etc! If you're still concerned about them capturing special items, a DIY project, or candids with specific people, then you can certainly mention those to your photographer!

How will I get the images back?

There are many methods of photo delivery between print and digital, and this will vary from photographer to photographer.  Some choose to work only in print, meaning you’ll receive physical copies of your images.  Others choose to deliver images digitally only – either through an online gallery or by tangible method, such as a thumb drive.  This is an important question to ask when choosing between packages as well, as these options may also reflect on the price!

We hope you’ll consider these crucial questions as you begin the search for the right photographer!  Brides, how has great communication aided the photographer booking process for you? And photographers, what other questions would you add?

Thanks for sticking with us through “A Bride’s Guide to Photography”!  We’ve loved collaborating with Alex Thornton Photography to write this series, and we encourage you to check out her incredible work here

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