Choosing your Bridesmaids with Intention

Last week on the blog I highlighted an awesome company that creates the most gorgeous bridesmaids gifts and proposal baskets!  If you didn’t catch us last week, check out our post here.  This week, in keeping with the theme, I want to address one of the first big questions a bride may ask herself upon engagement: “How do I choose my bridesmaids?!” There’s certainly a lot that goes into choosing ladies (or guys – bridesmen all the way!) to walk alongside during this exciting season.  For starters, here’s a few important thoughts that may help you form your bridal party with intention!  

First, make sure you take number into account.  Though you definitely shouldn’t feel restricted to x number of girls, keep in mind the ratio between girls and guys. Sure, it’s not 100% necessary to have an equal number of bridesmaids to groomsmen, but it at least deserves heavy consideration.  Keep in mind that lining up 15 bridesmaids and only 5 groomsmen may present some challenges.  This will affect not only the ceremony but the bridal party photos as well.  If you’re dead set on an uneven number, though, consider going a more creative route in how you place the bridal party during the ceremony.  For some inspiration, check out our previous post discussing this very topic here!

 While most brides do think about that balance between girls and guys, it’s easy to glaze over this next element of balance.  For perfect symmetry in bridesmaid-only photos, it’s best to choose an even number of bridesmaids instead of an odd.  Why?  Think about all the pictures with just you and your girls.  Having six bridesmaids allows for three on each side.  Only five, however, will leave one side a girl short.  Again, this is a preference that may not matter to you in the long run, but it’s worth considering! 

At some point in your selection process, you’ll probably run into the dilemma of trying to narrow your list down.  One way to help with this is to think about your relationship with each of your potential girls.  How long have you known each of them?  How much is each a part of your life right now?  Some brides go with only choosing those who have been involved in her and her groom’s relationship.  Others opt for picking girls from all aspects of their lives – from old high school friends to current college roommates to the one friend they’ve had since kindergarten.  Of course, going with a broader method of selection will leave you with a much larger bridal party.  But again, this is your wedding, so focus on choosing those who are most important to you – regardless of number.

Your bridesmaids should be the ones you can’t imagine getting married without.  During one of the most hectic yet endearing times of your life, they are your tribe.  Your support.  Your family.  Once you’ve gotten past the choosing part, then it’s all fun from there!  Again, check out our post last week for some awesome ways to propose to your bridesmaids with That’s Darlin’ Gifting!

Happy planning,

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