Common Officiant Mistakes to Avoid

Happy Wednesday!  Today we've just got a quick tip for you engaged ladies in preparing for the ceremony.  First, think about your officiant.  Has he/she officiated many weddings?  Is it a pastor?  A close family friend?  Choosing an officiant is often a sentimental decision, and brides should certainly feel total freedom in picking whom they want!  Remember, though, that no officiant is perfect - no matter how many weddings they may have done.  Sometimes minor details get forgotten; here's a few that we've seen, so be sure to reiterate these with your designated person!

1. Forgetting to seat the crowd

It's an honest rookie mistake, but be sure that your officiant will remember this after you've gotten down the aisle.   Otherwise your guests may be standing for twenty minutes.  Yes, we've seen it happen. 

2. Standing behind this kiss

This one may not seem as obvious to most, but to your photographer it is.  Save him/her the pain of trying to edit around an awkward officiant standing in the background.  The kiss shot will look much cleaner, and you'll be happy you mentioned this to them beforehand!

3.  Skimping over state ordination laws 

Some states differ in how they honor ordinations - specially those who have been ordained online.  Here in Tennessee, someone must be officially ordained to legally marry you.  Be sure to do your research and stay compliant with state laws.  Even if it means having a separate ordained officiant marry you after the ceremony, you don't want to overlook this. 

Fortunately, your rehearsal will allow you to nail down all the small details with your officiant.   It never hurts to reiterate them beforehand, though, to allow for the smoothest ceremony possible!