Getting your Groom on Board


Considering the nature of wedding planning, it’s quite often that the grooms aren’t as heavily involved in the process.  And all things considered, it makes sense.  A bride’s got a vision for her day.  She’s got lots of opinions and ideas fueling the energy to make plans, decisions, and purchases.  Often times, the groom is just along for the ride, playing the role of moral support during that busy time.  But through the time we’ve spent working with brides, we’ve found that often times the fellas simply don’t know how to help!  Here’s a few tips for getting your man involved in practical ways that are actually helpful!

1.     Give him a list.

Think about everything that needs to get done this month.  Now think about all of the straight-forward tasks that don’t have to be done by you.  If you’re DIYing wedding décor, do you need help picking stuff up from the store? If you’re sending out invitations, could you use help getting his family’s addresses? Come up with a basic list of things that might make your life easier and write them down for him!  If you give a man a list, he can easily knock it out!

2.     Get the groomsmen involved.

Sometimes it feels more worth doing a job by yourself if it means that it’s done a specific way.  Consider, though, having a night where the groom and all his groomsmen come over to knock out one big job.  If everyone is there together and willing to help, you can more easily explain a job and entrust it to them!  Maybe it’s painting pallets.  Maybe it’s boxing things up, or loading up cars.  Communicate this need to your groom, and take the opportunity to let them help you in ways that they can! 

3.     Communicate your need for rest.

It’s easy to get burnt out on planning, especially when you’re juggling a million different things at once.  When you’re reaching that point, let your groom know if you just need a night away from it all!  Don’t let your engagement season be overwhelmed by wedding exhaustion.  If you communicate to him that you’d love a night without a mention of the wedding, the two of you can take that time to enjoy each other and nourish your relationship!  Having that small bit of “normal” in a season of crazy may surprise you at how restful it feels.  Even if your man can help in no other way, he can certainly take you out, allowing the two of you recoup!

Take time this week to rest and let others help.  Even the small things can make a huge difference in your week!