Journaling Your Way to "I do"

Life is fast.  It comes and it goes.  Even the days that seem slow become sweet and distant memories with the blink of an eye.  For soon-to-be brides, life may seem even faster.  Six months to find a wedding dress can turn into one month overnight.  “I’m getting married next year” will change to “I’m getting married next week” before you know it.  Amidst the hustle, it’s easy to lose the sweetness of this time in your life.  We ladies can grow so bogged down by life’s demands that we forget to truly cherish each breath as they’re given to us.  Today I encourage you to slow down and take it all in, and consider one method that may help you to hold onto each moment of your wedding day: journaling. 

Journaling is one of those things that you can either love or hate.  But even if you’re not that into it, consider how quickly your wedding day is going to fly by.  You’ve spent months and months planning for it, pouring your time and energy into perfecting every detail.  But ultimately, it’s going to last for one day.  24 hours.  Journaling allows you to both consciously slow yourself down, and it provides you with memories that are pinned down in your own words.  Years down the road, it will be so rewarding to have those checkpoints to sweep you back into that day. 

Practically, you obviously can’t be journaling through the ceremony and reception.  But think about the possible moments of downtime: getting your hair done, waiting for the whole bridal party to arrive, sitting around before the first look.  Those are quick opportunities for you to literally jot down any thoughts and feelings.  Writing it all down also helps to combat nervousness or feeling antsy, and you may find that it keeps you calm throughout the day! 

If you love the idea of journaling, I truly hope that you find it worthwhile.  Don’t even hesitate to start now, even if you’re still months away!  It will serve you well. Regardless of if what it is, I really challenge you to find something to slow you down during this season. What is it that’s keeping you from doing so? You deserve to breathe, and you deserve to cherish these moments.  In the spirit of October, go grab a blanket and some coffee, and take a moment of rest.  Find whatever allows you to do those things, and don’t let anything snatch away your joy. 

Happy Fall!


Images by: Abby Tohline Photography