Meet the Staff Monday: Abigail + an announcement!

Hello all! I’m Abigail - a Nashville native, coffee lover, and creative assistant on the Inspired Help team. Nice to meet you! Currently, I’m a freshman at Lipscomb University pursuing one of my lifelong dreams to become a nurse!  I’m also a total momma’s girl in a family of men, often finding myself escaping to either pinterest, the kitchen, or my piano.  So I suppose you could say I have pieces of my heart scattered all over the place, which is how I found myself where I am today—working for a creative business.  


Growing up, I was always dubbed as the “artistic” child, which contrasted me from every other member in my family.  Between taking piano lessons, writing stories, and singing since I could talk, it seems like I’ve always loved to express myself artistically. As I got older, though, I often struggled to find my niche.  I grew fascinated with analytical subjects like science and math while having a contrasting drive to create. In high school I satisfied this by doing theater and choir.  But as my senior year neared its end, I felt called to pursue nursing at Lipscomb.  This left me incredibly excited for a future career, but I was at a loss for how I would continue to channel my creative side. 

 After many prayers and much uncertainty, God unexpectedly provided a creative outlet I had been longing for! I was given the opportunity to take this job and work for Brittany in the most perfect environment for productive imagination!  

Joining a team of unique creatives has been an amazing experience. Ever since, my love for this team has grown tremendously. One of my favorite parts is being able to watch one small idea grow into a completely unique and beautiful wedding. Plus, being a part of a lucky lady’s “big day” is an experience like no other! This business has allowed me to utilize my artistic gifts while still fully fledged in school and my many other endeavors, and for that I am so thankful!

I am so excited to announce that I will be the official blogger for Inspired Help.
So, check back for lots of tips and ideas for your wedding + event needs!