Meet the Staff Monday: James

Heyo! I’m James, and I’m a full-fledged adult at 19, but I still feel like a kid…weird right? I work as an “overtime”-employee for a construction supply warehouse, and in my free time, I love longboarding, slacklining, climbing, gardening, and basically anything outside!I grew up in a small duplex just outside of New Orleans that was flooded from the inside-out during the Hurricane in 2005. I never had much space or many friends, but there was one thing that I always had no matter how unfortunate, and that was a paper and pencil, so I dealt the hand given to me. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours laying on the floor or sitting at my desk filling up notebook after notebook of every little thing I saw in my head.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: if it looks cool, I’ve drawn it! After my parents found out that I wasn’t psychologically insane, they enrolled me in one-on-one art lessons with numerous teachers throughout the years where I would be exposed to many different teachings and further create my own style, but it wasn’t until High school AP classes, that I would truly blossom as I developed an unwholesomely large portfolio…and a spirit that was tired.Throughout those years, everyone I knew came to know me as: the artist. It was who I was and what I was going to do. It was assumed that I would go to school and get an art major to pursue this talent professionally, but ironically, I felt called to a different path, and after graduation, I would soon put the pencil down as I got busy with work, a little college, and then work again.

 Although I’m a busy bee, my Youth Pastor Brittany Smith invited me back into this world when she gave me a good-quality sketchbook (because sadly, I was using printer paper at this time). I am happy to use my talent and my gifts to serve Brittany and her business while also putting a smile on her client’s face. Whether it be a wedding invitation, a holiday card, or just a portrait, I know what art can do inside of us, and I am blessed to bring out positive energy, build people up, and love people by serving them with this gift.