Meet the Staff Monday: Jhason

Greetings, Inspired Help followers!
My name is Jhason.  No, that is not a typo!  And yes, it is pronounced the very same way as the normal spelling - Jason.  I am married to the wonderfully talented, drop dead gorgeous, creative superhero Brittany Smith.  Brittany and I got hitched back in 2013 and every day since then has been an adventure. 
I am the Co-Owner and Logistics Coordinator for Inspired Help.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I am a Nashville native, been here my entire life and love it; no other place feels like home.  I come from an amazing family and am the third-born out of six kids - 3 boys and 3 girls.  We're a modern day Brady Bunch minus the theme song.  I grew up L O V I N G sports.  Football was my favorite sport until I was introduced to Ultimate Frisbee in high school.  If ever time permits it, I will always be down for some Ultimate Frisbee! Changing gears, I noticed as I began to grow older that I felt very comfortable being on the receiving end of discussing peoples struggles and hardships in life.  These conversations would always find me, it seemed.  I then began to notice the fulfillment I felt whenever I would find myself in those moments with people and it made me realize something about myself:  I loved walking through life with people.  This revelation has steered my life ever since.  Fast forwarding to today, I get to walk in that passion everyday.  I am the Youth Pastor for a church in Donelson, Tn,  called Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship and have been serving there since 2009.  Along with my passion for people, I also carry a love for music.  Growing up in a very musically talented family, instruments weren't hard to come by.  I started playing bass guitar when I was 11 years old on my church's worship team and continued to play bass on worship teams as I got older. Through a need that we had at the time on our worship team, I began to learn acoustic guitar when I was 19 - which opened the door to a whole new passion I had yet to see was within me - writing music.  I began to see that creating music for the church was something that meant a lot to me.  Since then I continue to foster that passion of mine by writing and playing on our current worship team at Eastgate, where I also serve as the worship department pastor alongside Brittany.  Busy schedule and long days, but it's truly a gift to know what you love to do and to be given the opportunity to do it.

Let's talk about Inspired Help...

Brittany is a dreamer.  You will quickly realize that if you ever get the chance to meet her.  She is constantly analyzing and refining everything that she creates and has a keen eye for seeing things before they even exist.  I envy that about my wife.  My creativity is harbored in a different way.  Where Brittany can see something out of nothing, I have to 'see something' before I can give you anything!  This dynamic in our relationship as husband and wife and as coworkers really helps stretch and balance each of our abilities.  As Co-Owner and Logistics Coordinator I like to view my role in Inspired Help as the toes and fingers of the body.  

Toes help the whole body balance and move with ease; though, not always visible, they provide the body with the ability to walk and run effortlessly.  Fingers allow the body to concentrate all of the strength of the arms into a unified force, while also being able to carryout the intricate commands of the brain, such as scratching your ear.  My role for Inspired Help is just that.  Taking the things that our incredibly talented staff dreams up and making them happen.  My very analytical tendencies and attention to detail play a beautiful part in the overall picture of our team. It's an amazing thing being able to do the things that bring you joy.  

From day one to present, Brittany and our staff have always found so much joy in making a persons dream event become their reality. You want people like this planning your next event. People who can conceptualize and articulate the ideas that you carry within you.  People who are tenacious enough to see a project or event through to completion.  People who wield a sensitivity to your needs on your special day. If you're looking for people such as these to be in your corner for your next event, then look no further.....they live here at Inspired Help.