Meet the Staff Monday: Melinda


I am a bit of an introvert when meeting new people, but here goes nothing.


My name is Melinda Carol Magin, but you can call me, Melinda. Born in Texas, raised in Tennessee. Southern to the bone. I love sweet tea and hate country music - I know, very un-southern of me. I grew up outdoors fishing, swimming, four wheeling, jet skiing, camping you name it, we did it. In retrospect, my dad is an amazing artist, and has always been adamant that my siblings and I nurture our creative side. So, we also grew up painting pet rocks, making scrap books and creating something out of anything we could get our hands on.


All that being said, these two very different sets of hobbies might have something to do with what I am doing now with my life. By day I am a Real Estate Assistant, soon to be Agent, and by night I am a Freelance Make-up Artist and a volunteer Connection Advisor for Beneath the Skin. Oh, and did I mention I am also a Creative Assistant to the Inspired Help Owner/Founder, Brittany Smith? My life is a little crazy, but I have a lot of interests and passions that I feel need to be fostered, okay? Each of these jobsbring joy to me in very different ways, and all contribute to the reason Brittany picked me to be on her very special, hand-picked team.


So how did I get started as a Creative Assistant for Inspired Help? I dont have enough going on already, right? Well, for some time, I worked for Starbucks, which is where I met Brittany (she used to work there, too, if you didnt already know). In late 2014, she asked me to coffee, at Starbucks no less, and asked me to join the Inspired Help team, and, of course, I said yes. From there, I started helping little project by little project to now some bigger projects. Let me just tell you, I have loved every minute of it, and like they say, If you find a job you love, you wont work a day in your life.Thats exactly how I feel. Workingwith Brittany and the Inspired Help team is not work. I am a part of a family that creates beautiful works of art together.

Now, lets talk about you.

With Love,