Narrowing Down Your Guest List

Creating a guest list for any event can be pretty difficult, but it is especially so for weddings. There’s your family, friends, college roommates, and even some acquaintances from childhood. The list can go on and on, but at the end of the day you can only invite so many. So, how do you decide who stays on the list and who goes? Here’s some things to consider that can help you decide!

1. Venue

The first thing to think about is how big your venue is and how many people you can afford to pay for. If you already have a small venue, then you’ll know you need a smaller guest list. However, if you have a fairly large venue you will have to decide how many you can afford to have there and use that to determine your number of guests. Either way, think about your space and your budget to come up with a designated number you can invite.

2. Relationships

It may sound harsh, but you have to think about how close you actually are to the guests you’re thinking of inviting. For example, you’ll probably make your immediate family a priority but maybe skip on inviting that one cousin you have that you’ve only spoken to twice. In reality, you have to think about which people you absolutely can’t do without on your day. If you haven’t spoken to someone since high school, then you can probably leave them off the list. Focus on inviting your tribe and those that you for sure want to be present.

3. Groups

One way to make the decision a little easier is to list out everyone you’re thinking about and sort them into groups. The first group will be your must-haves and each group after that will go down in priority. When you need to start cutting you can start with the last group and work your way up. That way, your absolute must-haves will definitely get an invite. Also, it can be helpful to divide the total number of guests evenly to split between you, your fiancé, and each of your parents. Then, each person can make their groups and get their input into the list.

Just be sure that, ultimately, you and your spouse both get to have all of the most important people to you there. That will likely involve compromising on some of your lower priority guests, but it will make for a happier day altogether.