The Beauty in Doing a First Look

We’ve seen the pictures. You know, the ones where the sweet and sensitive groom is crying as he first sees his bride walking down the aisle. That moment can be beautiful, and of course makes for priceless pictures.  Some would even consider that brief second the staple of the entire wedding.  But what if we told you that setting aside that special time for before the ceremony – a first look – can be just as, if not more intimate than the going the traditional way?  While there’s certainly nothing wrong with either choice, we’ve compiled a list of some reasons why doing a First Look may be the best decision you make for your wedding!

1. It creates a special moment just between the two of you. 

Sure, locking eyes for the first time from across the aisle will be magical.  But that magic is created solely by the two of you – hearts dancing, eyes marveling, smiles abounding. Who says you can’t experience that same excitement away from the crowds?  Setting aside that time before the ceremony only heightens the intimacy that it creates and allows you to take it all in without people staring.  In addition, it allows for you and your fiance to spend more time together alone, which you won’t be getting very much of the rest of the day.  

2.     It takes the pressure away.

While the pictures of the crying grooms are certainly sweet, they also can create this expectation that the groom has to have the best tear-jerking reaction ever.  This is not only unrealistic, but it also can feel pressuring for both of you in front of hundreds of eyes.  Then when that moment arrives, the couple may be thinking more about giving the right reaction for people than actually getting to see each other.  Many brides have said that doing a first look not only took away this “audience pressure”, but also relieved their nerves and made the ceremony much more relaxing and enjoyable! 

3.     It allows more time for wedding party pictures.

Photographers are big fans of first looks.  Why?  Allowing yourselves to see each other before the wedding means you can take all of your formal pictures with family and the wedding party upfront!  This avoids the chaos of scrambling after the ceremony to get everyone together and running off to take pictures with only a limited amount of time.  When your photographer is working on a short time span, the potential for missing out on more raw moments between you and your closest friends/family is high. However, taking the time beforehand creates a less stress-filled environment for everyone, and your pictures will reflect that!

4.     It gives you time to breathe.

Going off of the last point, not having to take bridal party pictures after the ceremony keeps your obligations free before the reception.  This time can be spent relaxing before seeing your guests, or you could even attend your own cocktail hour if you choose to have one!  Additionally, not having a big gap in time between ceremony and reception ultimately makes you a better host to your guests!

Whether you’re totally on board with first-looks or holding fast to tradition, it’s definitely something to consider!  There’s an endless number of ways to incorporate creativity into them as well, from blindfolds to staircase descents! In the end, you want your entire wedding day to be about you and yours – not about doing things “the right” way or even pleasing guests.  We hope you’ll see how first looks can accomplish just that!