The Secrets of Organized Wedding Planning

Whether you’re a natural Type A like me or of a more free-flowing temperament, organization is essential for wedding planning. Weddings take time—a lot of time.  And regardless of your engagement length, you probably feel like time is the last thing you have left to give.  Staying organized and utilizing all of your resources will allow you to use this limited time the best that you can! Here’s five easy ways to get a handle on all your ideas, tasks, and deadlines!

1.     Write everything down.

The very first step you should take in the planning process is making a master-list of all your needs.  Start with each general wedding aspect, such as the venue, then specify that area’s needs (pricing, size, questions, etc.).  It’s so easy for us to keep lots of information and plans up in our heads.  This, unfortunately, is also the easiest way to forget things. Writing it all down also allows you the joy of eventually checking things off, and there’s nothing more satisfying than that feeling of accomplishment!

2.     Find a planner that works for you.

There are truly dozens of resources out there for wedding binders, calendars, and planners.  Our personal favorite is The Happy Planner™ by Create 365! Not only is this a gorgeous planner with endless options for to-do lists, notes pages, and inserts, but Create 365 now offers a Wedding Extension that fits inside!  Included are labeled sections for vendor information, inspiration, budgeting, check lists, timelines, guest lists, and anything else you could think of! These options are great resources and allow you to customize it to your exact needs.  Regardless of what you go with, you want something that will fit right into your life and never overwhelm you.

3.     Find an accountability partner.

Wedding planners/coordinators are some of the best sources of accountability out there.  They’re there to push you through, have your back, and help you make all of your decisions.  But even if you’re opting for self-planning, accountability is definitely still needed.  It could be your maid of honor, a family member, or a close friend. In the end, you need someone both honest and supportive who can aid you throughout the process – keeping emotions out of the way! 

4.     Deligate tasks.

It’s easy to grow overwhelmed when the reality of how much work a wedding takes sets in. Deligating tasks to others (such as your bridal party) will help tremendously with this. Especially for those planning their own wedding, assigning responsibilities will save you so much stress and time. This allows for a greater peace of mind knowing that things are getting done – even on the days you choose rest over productivity! 

5.     Know yourself.

In the end, you know how you work best.  Find those little preferences you have in organization and communication, and use them to your advantage! If you hate hand-copied planners and paper goods, find a digital planning app.  If you’re visually oriented, take the time to color code or add inspiration photos to your notes! These are the details that will keep you motivated to move forward. 

With any of our listed suggestions, we want you to cater them to you, and do what it takes for you to implement them.  Anything that will save you a couple headaches and free up your life is worth it in our books, and we hope it is in yours as well!