The Vow Decision: Traditional or Personalized?

Everyone is familiar with the famous “I do” moment of the wedding vows. It’s the moment that two officially become one and the ceremony becomes the celebration.  However, in recent years, many couples have decided to give their “I do” a more personal touch. These modern couples opt to write their own vows instead of the traditional ones or to combine personal vows with the traditional. Each way has its own benefits and drawbacks to think about.


The biggest benefit of personalized vows is just what you’d think: that they are personalized! Writing your own vows gives you the opportunity to be fully yourself and tailor your vows to your spouse and the unique love story you share. It also gives guests a glimpse into your relationship and the sweet connection you have that they might not always get to see. Plus, you can put them in keepsake booklets to hold onto after the wedding is over! However, sometimes writing your own vows can put a lot of pressure on the two of you to find just the right words. The stress can be too much for some and they opt to use the traditional vows, which are simpler but just as sweet.


Traditional vows are preferred most by those who want a more traditional wedding overall. Many enjoy the history and sentiment of the tradition, especially those with a religious background. For others, it just keeps things simple and sweet. Specific words said in the vows aren’t as important to some brides as the vowing itself. It also removes some of the stress previously mentioned that can come with writing your own. Using the traditional ones can be a helpful way to keep your ceremony stress-free!

Whether personal or traditional, your vows are something special to share with your spouse. If you really can’t decide which way you prefer, then you can always combine a bit of both. Just remember that they should be what the two of you want them to be. Make them sincere and true to your story and you can’t go wrong!