Unplugged Weddings: The Pros and Cons

These days it seems like everyone always has a phone or some other device on hand. While this can be convenient in many cases, it can also be extremely distracting. This is especially true for weddings! For this reason, the idea of an “unplugged” wedding was created. An unplugged wedding calls for guests to completely put their phones, cameras, and other devices away for all or part of the wedding festivities. Before you decide if this is for you, here’s some pros and cons to consider:


  1. No Distractions

    Asking your guests to have no devices out will help everyone stay focused on the celebration. It will allow them to be present in each moment instead of being preoccupied with getting pictures of their own or checking/posting on their social media accounts. This provides everyone with less distractions and more memories made.

  2. Benefits Your Photographer and Your Pictures

    Unplugging for the day is beneficial for your photographer too because it allows them to be the only photographer for the day. This prevents any shots from potentially being ruined by camera flashes or guests that step into the aisle to take pictures. Having an unplugged wedding keeps those aisles clear and lets the photographer do their job to the best of their ability, which results in the best wedding pictures for you!

  3. No Posting Before You’re Ready

    Another benefit is that no one will post pictures you don’t want them to or before you get to. That means no pictures posted without your permission or that aren’t exactly the most flattering. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to announce your wedding on social media and post the first pictures of your celebration.


  1. Missed Moments

    The downside of no guest pictures is that you won’t get nearly as many shots of your friends and family celebrating during the day’s activities. A guest’s perspective will show you little moments and memories that your official photographer may not get. This problem can be helped by making only your ceremony unplugged. That way everyone can enjoy the ceremony distraction-free, but still capture all the fun at the reception.

  2. Negative Response

    Unfortunately, if you decide to unplug, there will be those who don’t agree with your choice. Some guests will be upset by your decision and may even disregard your request altogether. If you know that many of your guests will react this way, then it may be better to let the wedding stay plugged in.

  3. Less Pictures

    Along the same lines as the first con, this decision can also result in less pictures of the wedding overall. This isn’t a problem for everyone, especially those who are content with the plenty of pictures an official photographer will give you. However, those who might opt not to hire a photographer due to their budget will have virtually no pictures if they have an entirely unplugged wedding.

The decision is yours to make and there’s no right or wrong answer. It’s all about what works the best for you! Decide for yourself what kind of environment you want to create on your wedding day and be sure to enjoy every moment, unplugged or not.