Venue Highlight: Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Hi friends!  We’re so excited to show you an awesome venue today that many of you Nashville brides may have not considered!  Back in July, Brittany attended a wedding vendor on-site visit at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.  After her visit, she was simply raving about the whole experience and the amount of potential this venue has!  When venue searching, brides are often puzzled in finding a location that fits all of their needs: pretty, affordable, indoor vs. outdoor, spacious, and the list goes on.  Believe it or not, Cheekwood is one of the most versatile venues of its kind and may be the perfect solution for your “wants” list!

Besides its beyond gorgeous gardens, Cheekwood is also home to an art museum, a contemporary gallery center, and several event halls that are oozing with architectural beauty.  In fact, they offer 6 different ceremony sites and 4 reception sites, each completely unique in style, size, and price.  One of the nice things about Cheekwood is that they also accommodate a wide span of budgets – their Burr Terrace Garden starting at $700, yet their Museum of Art hall at $7,000.  No matter where you fall, there’s certainly a variety of options available indoors, outdoors, amoung the gardens, up on a balcony, etc!

Another huge plus to this venue is that it’s completely stunning as is.  Just look at that view!  Many brides go venue shopping looking at price only, forgetting to consider that this type of a venue barely needs any extra love at all.  The greenery.  The flowers.  The brick walls.  Everything you could want is already there in its naked state, all four seasons of the year.  Keep in mind that it’s totally worth it to spend a bit more on a beautiful space if it means reducing the budget for decorations!  This saves not only money, but also time spent setting up, tearing down, and extra hands needed for executing it all! 

Aside from your décor needs being reduced, booking with Cheekwood also allows you to utilize their Events Bar Package, with Cheekwood being the supplier of all alcoholic beverages.  They also offer onsite catering or provide a list of approved caterers who are experienced in catering to their venues specifically – a major plus! 

We seriously encourage you to check them out in your search for a wedding space.  Find them on their website here where you can check them out or schedule a site visit!  I am still marveling at the pictures Brittany brought back, and you want your wedding guests to be doing the same! 


Images provided by: Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are truly our own.