Ways You can Help Your Coordinator

Wedding Coordinators do a lot.  Between managing vendors, meeting a couple’s needs, and constantly fixing problems, coordinators are like the glue holding a thousand fragments of one day together.  That being said, there are still responsibilities you as a bride have in order for your coordinator do their job effectively.  As a coordinating team ourselves, we’ve compiled a list of ways brides can make the process as smooth as possible!

1.     Communicate.

Yes, coordinators are there to completely manage your wedding day; No, they can’t read your mind. It’s your job as a bride to give them your vision, give them the tiny details, and express your concerns.  A good coordinator will never be upset that they know extra details, frankly, because their job is detail oriented. You don’t want a conflict to arise that could have been solved from communicating beforehand that, say, your sister is a micromanager or that your family tends to run late. Those tidbits are so helpful to coordinators in feeling prepared and ultimately serving YOU better.

2.     Be prepared. 

So much time can be saved when brides prepare well for consultations.  Even if you haven’t made any decisions yet, make a list of what you need to get done.  Be clear and direct about where you’re at, what you need help with, and what you’re good on. This will give your coordinator a better idea of how you work and how they will be needed.  

3.     Be open to suggestions. 

Your coordinator/planner is experienced in this business.  They truly know the most helpful solutions, even in ways you may not expect. They often times have excellent insight on local vendors in your price range, creative solutions to problems, and more.  Especially if you’re on the fence about a decision, your coordinator may have suggestions you haven’t even thought of before.  Always be open to their opinion!

4.     Narrow down your ideas.

There is absolutely a way to be open-minded without being totally indecisive.  Your coordinator is always willing to help you, but eventually you will have to make a decision.   With endless resources such as Pinterest and Instagram, it’s so easy for brides today to get lost in a world full of ideas.  Realistically, though, the 2000 pins on your Pinterest wedding board probably won’t all make the cut. Even if it’s making a list of priorities or narrowing ideas down to your top two, this will help your coordinator tremendously. 

In the end, your relationship with your coordinator is key.  Taking that time to help them help you is not only benefitting them, but it allows your day to run the way you want it to.  The better you fulfill your part, the better they will have your back and truly make you feel comfortable on your big day!

Happy Planning,