Wedding Tips: Don't Forget the Linens

Hello loves!  Here’s a quick tip for your Wednesday as you push through that wedding planning! 

As your wedding creeps up, it’s so easy to forget about the small things when so much of your attention and energy must go into the bigger things (your timeline, your vendors, etc.)  One small detail so many brides seem to check off the list then forget about is linens. 

If you are renting or buying your linens, chances are they will be folded up and stored in boxes for several days before you’re going to be using them.  As you would imagine, all of those table clothes and drapes will form creases and potentially be wrinkled the next time they surface.  If you want to save yourself the panic upon realizing this the morning of, designate someone the day before your wedding to pull them all out and steam them!  Whether it’s your maid of honor, your mom, or your wedding planner, this is a simple job that truly pays off in the long run.  Having a smooth aisle runner, for example, really takes your venue to the next level.  Plus, having this covered in advance will save so much time during set-up and tear-down! 

Take the time today to assign someone to this job, no matter how far in advance!  It’s one more thing you get to cross of the list – and who doesn’t love that feeling?!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!