Wedding Tips: Back-Up Your Music

Hello, friends!  Here’s a quick tip for your Wednesday: Always make sure you have a backup plan for your reception music. 

Regardless of whether you’re having a live band, professional DJ, or a friend running iTunes, all options will involve technology.  And technology fails.  Quite often, actually.  Volume jacks will break, laptops will crash, and it all seems to fail us at the most inconvenient of times.  But as unpleasant as it may sound, it’s best to anticipate for these mishaps ahead of time.  This way you’re already prepared for the worst and will have a good, quick solution at hand!

For those having a DJ, you’ve probably given them some form of a song list.  Screenshotting this list on a personal phone or even printing it out is an extra measure you can take to prevent this from getting lost (whether by human or technological fault!).  If you’re running music off of a personal phone or computer, have your playlist loaded onto a second device in case your first device quits working.  Another way to even further prepare is to find or create a Spotify playlist for the dinner music, one for dancing, etc.  This way you can rest assured that you have pre-approved music that can be accessed from any device at any time! 

Take this and be encouraged to do one simple thing this week to form a wedding fall-back! I promise it will serve you well.

Happy planning,