Wedding Tips: Prevent the Wedding Week Chaos

Hello loves and happy Wednesday!

This week I wanted to share a couple thoughts about handling any week-of-the-wedding tension.  The last few days before your big day will fly by in a blur, yet there are endless things to think about along the way.  Rehearsal.  Honeymoon packing.  Emergency kits.  It’s easy to constantly feel like you’re forgetting something.  A lot of times, friends and family can be so eager to help, which is always a huge blessing!  The downside to this, though, is the flood of questions brides get from all sides that can leave them feeling overwhelmed.  In order to keep this extra stress away and best utilize the help that you have, there’s a few simple ways you can prepare the week of!

The best thing you can do to remain stress-free during the remainder of your engagement is to delegate tasks out to your bridal party and family.  Making each of your girls a point person for a specific job will allow your final to-do list to be done as efficiently as possible.  This also ensures that no one is left responsible for remembering everything, and each person can spend time focusing on their jobs.   Along with this, be sure to assign a filter for all questions, whether it be your maid of honor or your mom.   Your filter can be responsible for answering all the questions from friends and others wanting to help and may even direct them to what they can help with.   Taking the time on the front end to distribute responsibilities will significantly reduce your load and allow you to focus on you!

If this speaks to where you’re at in your engagement, I seriously encourage you to let others help you.  Though it sometimes feels like more trouble assigning others to a job than doing it yourself, you will be so thankful you did in the long run.  Never feel guilty for taking a step back to breathe while your friends put in time to help.  They’re there for a reason. 

Have a restful week!