Why Hire a Planner or Coordinator?

Imagine this. It’s the morning of your wedding and you’re starting to get ready, when you get a text from a vendor saying they’re going to be running late.  Trying not to stress, you quickly respond and go back to getting ready.  Five minutes later your mom runs in saying the DJ needs to know which outlet to use, since the one by the sound board isn’t working right.  You continue throughout your morning just trying to enjoy the preparation without letting mishaps and constant questions steal your joy. Half an hour before the ceremony, you realize that several of the bridesmaid’s bouquets have gone missing, so you desperately send an aunt to go fetch some back-up flowers.  Unbeknownst to you, your aunt never made it back in time for the ceremony, because she got stuck in traffic trying to bring the flowers back. 

This is obviously a bridal nightmare, but a nightmare that can be avoided, thanks to one of the most important people involved in your wedding: The Coordinator. 

Wedding coordinators and planners both play a key role in making your wedding day run as smoothly as possible, lifting every ounce of stress off of your shoulders.  With all the thoughts a bride already has running through her mind, taking care of small details and managing conflict should not be one of them.  But what’s the difference between coordinators and planners, and why would you need either?

First off, wedding planners provide a higher-end amount of service, going the whole nine yards to plan from start to finish. This would include contacting vendors for the bride, setting deadlines, assisting with the wedding timeline, and anything else you could think of.  One type of wedding planner is a wedding coach, a more partner-styled role to support and aid you through the process.  Coaches are great at helping you understand what you need to be doing, keeping you on track, and walking you through the entire process.

Coordinators, on the other hand, serve as the day-of (aka month of) manager of your wedding. This entails managing vendors and details, making time lines happen, helping brides with additional needs the day of, taking care of difficult family members, etc.  Coordinators also typically work with your volunteers you provide to make your vision happen. You could almost think of them like the “mom” of the wedding party, being there that day to take care of anything that is needed!  

In determining what type of aid you may want to hire, think first about what you actually need.  Do you need someone to both coordinate and plan?  Have you already done the planning and just need someone managing the day of?  Regardless, it’s important to realize your need for some source of help, and coordinators/planners serve as the perfect third party responsible!  Being trained to handle weddings, they have the minds to remember small details, eyes and ears of alertness to needs, and the will to get a job done.   They are there solely because you hired them to be there for you, regardless of what that means.  

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Most brides apprehensive about hiring help are simply looking at the cost.  If this is you, you must ask yourself first, “Can I really not afford this? Or do I simply not want another thing to pay for?” Because truthfully, you cannot put a price tag on having someone to look out for you and give you freedom on the one day you’ve been dreaming of your whole life!  A stress-filled bride is tired, burdened.  But a stress-free bride is a joyful one!  We so hope you can be the latter!