Mindy & Kyle

Blushing Bride Coordination Package | Arrington Vineyards | Arrington, Tennessee

Where do I even begin with how much my husband and I adore Brittany Smith and the entire Inspired Help team? We were required by our venue to hire at least a day-of wedding coordinator for our wedding, which we honestly were bummed about because it was extra money we didn’t think we needed to spend. Honestly, I can now say that I think it was our best investment, period, and I don’t know how we would have had our dream-come-true wedding (even with crazy amounts of rain and last minute plan-changes…. I will explain further on) without one—specifically without Brittany Smith’s help. I had reached out to about 10 coordinators total, actually meeting with 4 that I liked, but upon meeting Brittany, there was no question that she was our coordinator. You can just tell that she genuinely loves what she’s doing, she’s assertive but so sweet, and extremely knowledgeable...
We decided on hiring Brittany for month-of coordinating, which I highly suggest compared to just hiring someone for the day-of. Why? Again, my husband and I would normally just pick the cheapest option since we were “required” to hire a coordinator, but with the month-of coordinating package, you have help in all the overwhelming elements leading up to the wedding (which can be so OVERWHELMING, trust me), which I originally did not anticipate and thought I could handle all on my own. You, as the bride, still do all of the actual planning, but Brittany heavily assists with it, handles communication between vendors, helps you find more affordable options (she helped cut our original rental order almost in half!), makes sure you have everything necessary for the wedding / wedding rehearsal set and planned in organized weeks leading up to the big day, provides solutions and creative ideas when you feel bride braindead or like crying (trust me, been there), and even takes on tasks I didn’t imagine her doing—for instance—she made our bouquets/florals for tables/decor, and they were seriously perfect and much more affordable than using a floralist, and her team strung lights under our tent, saving us from having to hire a separate vendor (and spending so much more) to do so. On the actual wedding day, the inevitable happened—we had monsoon-like rain just 1-2 hours before the ceremony began and our entire wedding was outside. Thankfully, we had a tent in place included with our venue, but I was really sad that the wedding wouldn’t be as beautiful as we imagined. With Brittany’s help, the wedding was seriously gorgeous and just magical. I don’t know how she and the team were able to make a plain tent look so beautiful, but they did it. Besides the aesthetics of the ceremony and reception, Brittany made it so that everything ran smoothly, on time, and was just an upbeat, fun, stress-free (besides family being overbearing, which she also assisted in, believe it or not! haha) wedding. The day of the wedding, all my husband and I had to do was show up at the venue and everything was in place and ready for the guests, and after the wedding, we escaped to the hotel and all the wedding decor was brought to our home without having to ask friends and family to help return it. But, overall, I really think the most helpful part of hiring Brittany was the way she helped me stay calm, excited, and confident among all the pressures of the wedding deadlines, budget, changes, family stress, regular life craziness, etc. She just really cares and just knows what she’s doing. I’m telling you when it comes to wedding coordinators (and just genuine, awesome people in general) Brittany is your girl. I want to hire Inspired Help to coordinate my entire life. Maybe when I win the lotto.
— Mindy | 2017 Bride