Laurel + Michael 

Wedding Coordinating | Tulsa Garden Center | Tulsa, OK

Ahhhh! So much to say! I used Inspired Help for my wedding May 2016 and I cannot say enough good things about them! Firstly the staff is amazing! They’re so easy to work with and really are able to make your vision a reality and roll with any changes that may come up. When I began planning my wedding I wasn’t planning to hire a wedding coordinator but as the day got closer and the stress mounted I began to look for one because I was starting to feel like I was going to have to run around the whole time directing my own wedding. Brittany, the owner, is so talented. The systems she has in place to help you plan your wedding with her are excellent. I can’t imagine what my wedding day would have been without them but I know it would have been totally different. I never once knew a stressful moment and was free to just enjoy the day! Even my husband was raving about them afterwards. I’m pretty sure the first thing I said after my wedding to my husband was, Thank God we hired Brittany and Jhason(aka Inspired helps owners)! When I look back at all the things about my wedding, I think the best thing I did was to hire them. I can’t imagine changing a thing about my wedding day and I owe that greatly to Inspired Help!
— Laurel | 2016 Bride