Marissa + David

Full Experience Package: Invitations, planning, coordinating, and  set-up + teardown.

My husband and I got married almost in 2015, and like most couples, we were on a budget and needed a little help making our day perfect. Brittany and her incredibly talented Inspired Help team went above and beyond making sure everything was exactly how we imagined it. Brittany met with us numerous times prior to the wedding to think together and make sure we were on the same page with invitations, decorations, and the overall flow of the day. Then, on The Big Day, all of that creativity came into full action when her whole team turned thoughts on paper into a completely transformed sanctuary. Before anyone got to the church, Brittany led me in the sanctuary to see the final production, and I couldn’t help but tear up at just how perfect it was. My point is... If you have a wedding, event, or just need a little help in the creative aspect of something, contact Inspired Help. These gems have been blessed with talent and are ready to use it!
— Marissa | 2015 Bride