Sara + Ryan

Wedding Coordinating | War Memorial | Nashville, Tn

Brittany was great!! She was super accessible before the wedding and always answered my questions quickly. She was free to meet for coffee or another look through of the venue whenever I thought we needed it. Brittany definitely made the whole wedding a lot more professional, too - like when the groomsmen were setting up the aisle decor, or I was deciding the the organization of the ceremony, the layout of the room, etc. She had answers for everything, which was awesome, considering I had never planned a wedding before and did not know how a lot of things worked. There were also a lot of things that just magically got done at the ceremony/reception, and I wasn’t really sure how they got done, but it was definitely Brittany working behind the scenes! I think everything went as smoothly as possible.
— Sara | 2016 Bride

Photographer: Rob Mould Photography